Current Projects


Projects in the U.S.

  • Oaxacan Community Shed
    The Oaxacan Community shed improves family life by supplying clothing and needed household and food items to family members.  It also functions as a central location within the community for information transfer and local service updates and activities that enhance family and community life.

  • Slug Tutoring
    Slug Tutoring is a free in-home tutoring educational outreach program to children of farmworker families in the Santa Cruz/Watsonville area.

  • Farmworker Reality Tours
    The tours challenge participants to better understand the conditions of Mexican farmworkers in Northern California by sharing in their lives, food, and living quarters.

  • Removing the 50-Mile Regulation
    A state regulation requires that farmworkers must move at least 50 miles from the camp in order to reside at the camp the following year. Because farmworkers families are forced to migrate, their children’s education is seriously interrupted, since they arrive at the camps at the end of the school year in May and are required to vacate their apartments two months into the following school year in November.

Projects in Mexico

  • Cuquio, Jalisco
    Cuquio, Jalisco, is a small rural farming pueblo (town) located approximately 70 miles northeast of Guadalajara in the high mountains. There are 124 smaller ranchos (villages) associated with Cuquio in the outlying areas of the countryside. Children in the region are especially adversely affected. Many experience mal- and under-nutrition with few educational opportunities that can end the cycle of poverty in their families.

  • Cooperativa Mujeres Campesinas en Acción
    There is a growing interest among local farmers in organic sustainable crop production. Dr. López has suggested the possibility of developing a Community Supported Agriculture program that would serve the needs of the growing number of Guadalajara consumers who are looking for and demanding organic produce. 

  • Eco-tourism for Cuquio
    The high mountain oak-pine forests and tropical scrub vegetation are both home to a plethora of organisms that are found nowhere else in the world.

  • Piñata Parties
    Center for Farmworker Family visits six of Cuquio’s poorest, most remote villages to offer the traditional piñata party experience to the residents while passing out dental supplies, shoes and other clothes, school supplies, and toys.

  • Providing Assistance to Farmworker and their Family Members
    The Michael Lee Environmental Foundation purchased a van to transport children to local schools in one of the most remote, impoverished villages near Cuquio, Jalisco; Rancho Nuevo. Center for Farmworker Family has successfully delivered the van from Santa Cruz, California to the village so that children can be transported to and attend local schools. 

  • Clothing and Shoes
    As of 2011, All residents of the remote Rancho Nuevo village near Cuquio, Jalisoco have a functional pair of shoes appropriate for their living environment.



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