Center for Farmworker Families Tutoring

Center for Farmworker Families (CFF) Tutoring is a free in-home tutoring educational outreach program to children of farmworker families in the Santa Cruz/Watsonville area. Bilingual Volunteers from the University of California, Santa Cruz provide free tutoring in subjects like Math, Science and Language Arts for children grades K-12. In-home tutoring sessions lasting one hour per student are provided every Saturday of the Academic Calendar between 12:00-3:00 PM.

Beginning Fall 2016, CFF Tutoring also aims to provide free educational outreach programs to parents of farmworker families. Services would extend to provide English, Social Media/Technology and Know Your Rights Learning Workshops. 

The goals of the CFF Tutoring project Include:

  • Provide free educational outreach services that  benefit the entire farmworker family.
  • Academic Improvement for farmworker family students.
  • Empower, Inspire and Motivate students to reach their educational goals.
  • Be a resource of information for farmworker family parents to learn progressive skills and create awareness of their rights as farmworkers.

What do you experience with CFF Tutoring?

  • In-home Tutoring in Math, Science, Language Arts, English, and Writing . 
  • Homework and Study help.
  • Supplementary Worksheets.
  • Group activities and hands on learning
  • Learning Workshops for Parents: English, Social Media/Technology, and Know Your Rights 

The CFF Tutoring program is of great importance because farmworker families and their children face many educational barriers. Obstacles include cultural and language barriers, lack of prior formal education, financial resources, and accessibility to educational resources. Through CFF Tutoring these barriers are minimized by bilingual volunteers who meet in-home with students to provide free tutoring for farmworker families.

“We are a community organization, and the CFF Tutoring project is meant to provide educational outreach services to the community. We want to be a bridge providing farmworkers families a strong educational foundation in all aspects from academic tutoring to knowledge to farmworker rights” -Julio Molina, CFF Admin Assistant/Slug Tutor Coordinator.

If you are a student/parent or want to be a tutor, please contact us by the form below.

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